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Phases of the Atkins Diet

Phases of the Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is based on the concept of ketosis wherein the body’s excess, stored body fat is being burned in order for weight loss to happen. The daily intake of carbs in the diet should only be 15 to 60 grams and dieters are encouraged to take in foods high in protein and fat instead. In order for ketosis to occur, the intake of carbs should only be 40 grams per day because once fat is broken down the formation of ketones occur and appetite is naturally suppressed. The Atkins Diet involves 4 phases and they are as follows:

Phase 1: Induction

This is during the first 14 days (2 weeks) of the weight loss program. During which, the goal of the dieter here is to avoid the bad carbs in order for ketosis to happen. This is also the part of the program where the dieter loses weight the fastest. There is a limit of 20 grams of carbs per day and vitamin supplements will be recommended.

Phase 2: Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL)

After Induction, OWL is followed where the dieter may increase carb intake depending on the person but still making sure that there is ketosis happening. In order to monitor ketosis, a dieter may buy Ketostix (litmus-type strips that change color between pink or purple to tell if you are in ketosis or not and they can be bought at drugstores) if you happen to be not in the state of ketosis then you may have to lower your carb intake.

Phase 3: Pre-maintenance

Once the dieter reaches within 10 lbs. of their goal weight, then the Pre-maintenance phase is introduced. This is the part where you can gradually increase the intake of carbs until you no longer lose weight anymore. The goal here is to reach a certain level of carbs as you reach for your goal weight. This is also where you get to find what your ideal carb intake is.

Phase 4: Maintenance

This is going to be something that the dieter will be using for the rest of his/her life. Your ideal carb intake which you have found out during the pre-maintenance phase is what you will be following. You should also be responsible for monitoring your weight because our bodies change within the course of time and the tolerance of carb intake may also change which can either cause weight gain or loss. If you are losing weight, you have the option of increasing your carb intake but if you gain weight to as close as 5 lbs. or more of your ideal weight then you can start over with the Induction Phase.…

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Diet to Lose Weight In A Month

Diet to Lose Weight In A Month

Are you looking for a diet to lose weight in a month? Does it seem like everything you try just doesn’t seem to work? Well the truth is weight loss is a very mysterious process. There are many factors when it comes to a diet to lose weight in a month. It can all depend on your height, weight, age, and even gender. It would probably be easier for a heavier person than a light person. However, there are some universal solutions to all these different problems on a diet to lose weight in a month. Those are exercise and nutrition.

How to diet to lose weight in a month

In order for you to lose one pound you need to burn 3,500 calories. So let’s you want to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, you would have to lose one pound a day in order to lose those 30 pounds in 30 days. So, that means you would need to burn 3,500 calories each day. Well how would I do this?


Well, one way to ensure a good diet to lose weight in a month is by consistent exercise. What I mean by consistent is everyday or every two days. However you want it as long as you remain on the schedule and don’t skip out on days. Because, a lot of times what people will do is skip a day, then eventually skip two days, then a week, and probably never go back after that. Don’t let that be you. Make yourself a schedule and follow that schedule everyday and you will be successful at your diet to lose weight in a month.


Another way to ensure a good diet to lose weight in a month is by good nutrition. Does that mean I have to eat vegetables all the time? Not necessarily, you don’t need to be on an all greens diet to have good nutrition. Good nutrition is just eating the right amount of everything. An example of this a turkey sandwich. In order for it to bee good you need to have the right amount of every ingredient. The same could be said for your daily food intake. Eating the right portion of whatever you eat and no just stuffing your face will definitely help.

Things to always keep in mind for a good diet to lose weight in a month

* Weight loss depends on the person

* Consistent Exercise is the key

* Small portions of food is the way to god

* Make a schedule and always follow it…

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Running and Sex – Does Running Affect Sexual Performance?

Running and Sex – Does Running Affect Sexual Performance?

Our sex life plays a critical role in the way we feel about ourselves and our happiness. It’s why people do many things in order to keep it active and ongoing. Let’s face it, we are always trying to look the best to the opposite sex, trying to impress and display how good we are in bed, no matter how good we actually are.

If you worry about sexual performance, then you need to know if running can help you with that.

How running helped my sex life

Before I toke up running, I was really in a bad shape; I couldn’t climb the minimum flight of stairs without much huffing and puffing. This affected my sexual life tremendously; I was always getting tired, thus my performance and enjoyment suffered greatly.

But when I started running, things changed for the best. I started losing weight and liking my new look, as a result, my self-confidence and attractiveness increased greatly, thus improving my sexual life almost overnight.

Running and scientific studies

Many studies have been done on the subject and they seem to validate my conclusion. Running has been proven to enhance sexual performance for both men and women; this is believed as a result of the benefits gained in muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular power, these factors lead to better sexual performance.

One of the studies found that male runners are less likely to have erectile problems than inactive men. Runners have a better self-image, and are more positive about their physical abilities; as a result, they see themselves more sexually attractive, causing them to be more sexually active. Running can also have an anti-depressant effect.

Don’t run too much!

On the other side, too much running can have counter-productive effects; it can lead to excessive physical and mental fatigue, and a loss of sexual appetite, which can negatively affect your sex life. So beware when you feel you are doing too much.…

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Fitness Trainer With A Twist: Walk and Talk

Fitness Trainer With A Twist: Walk and Talk

Cole woke up today with ease. He got out of bed, feeling a bit more energized than usual. Mmmm… Now that he thought about he was feeling better. Ever since he called that guy with that silly postcard on the local bulletin board, he was actually feeling better. That put a little grin on his face.

Cole was a hard working guy, had just had a recent surgery and had ballooned up in weight. He had never been big on exercise and even his own wife had not been able to get him to exercise. Still he had this instinctive feeling he had to do something. He just didn’t know hat. Plus he knew that on a day to day basis he just didn’t want to exercise.

After all, he worked hard everyday to provide for his family, and he walked around his garage some.

Cole had seen that little post card on the local bulletin board and decided to call that guy ( whose name was Ben) Now just a few weeks later he was so glad he did!

So how did Ben help Cole? He just helped him start walking! Ben just Showed up at the appointed timeThree times per week, and they began to walk. Ben had an easy way about him and was a good conversationalist. So it was easy for Cole to start walking. On the first day Cole only walked a half mile. With Ben’s encouragement they walked a little further each day.

Ben also introduced a nutritious and delicious smoothie each time he came over which when Cole tried it, he felt much more energy. It also gave Cole the energy to walk a little further each can do the same thing in your local community. You can start a business just helping people to start walking. It is truly just the encouragement of someone like you that makes the difference.

You can market your business by putting up business cards and post cards on bulletin boards,Ads in the local paper, press releases, radio, and many other ways. Try putting your business cardsin local stores and businesses. Also you could try a mailing to your local neighborhood. I personally would not spend a fortune on advertising. Only spend what you can easily afford on your advertising efforts. On your business car you might

want to put a discounted rate for groups.

You could offer two options. The first option could be helping individuals. The second option would be a group walk. You could charge up to $20 per walk for individuals, more in certain group walks, maybe $5 to $10 per walk. You could also offer children and teenage walks, walks for just men, walks for just women, walks for the elderly, walks for people and their pets, or family walks. You could also just charge a flat amount for the entire week or month. Well you get the idea!

Try to work with people for at least one hour per session so that they feel the are getting their money’s includes rest time as well.

Tips to remember:

Check with your insurance agent to make sure you are well covered for this business.

Also remember to encourage and keep the conversations flowing. Make the experience enjoyable for people.

Also try to keep variety in your walks to keep the walks interesting. Go different places.

To expand on this idea you could also start jogging groups. You may want to hire others to expand, and even start a franchise eventually.

Well happy walking, and kind regards,

Susan Farmer

Kindness is our life’s most important work…

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All You Need to Know About Medical Field Careers

One of today’s fastest growing career fields is the medical field. The medical field offers a variety of job opportunities. You are sure to find the medical career that suits your interests and skill level. The average salary of medical careers ranges from moderate to high. The medical field also offers job stability. Why is the medical field so popular?
The medical field is meant for those that want to touch lives. It is all about helping people. If you want to make a difference in the world, one person at a time, the medical field is the perfect career field for you. The medical field gives you the opportunity to show others that you truly care about them. In many medical careers you even get an opportunity to save lives or provide medical care to underprivileged areas. The medical field is the perfect place to make an impact on the world.
There are jobs available for essentially all skill and education levels. For those that just have a high school degree, there are many jobs available labs or providing assistance to surgical nurses. For those with a bachelors degree, lab work might be the right career for you. You can help diagnose illnesses by performing experiments in the lab and viewing samples under the right conditions under a microscope. For those that want to further their education even more, becoming a nurse or doctor might be the route you want to take.
Medical careers also offer competitive salaries. Health care is the most essential need our society has. Even though technology has made our lives easier, nothing can replace a human based health care system. As people live longer and more babies are born every day, the strain on the health care system grows. Because of this high demand for health care professionals, salaries are very competitive. This high demand also offers a lot of job stability.
You never get bored when you have a medical career. Every day there is something different going on and new challenges to overcome. The medical field is a fun and exciting career to have. There are fast paced jobs for those that need extra excitement, and more relaxed jobs for those that want a more tame career. There is a job for just about every interest level you might have.
Even if you do not have the stomach to handle body fluids day after day, there is a job for you in the medical field. You can work as a receptionist in an office, or do other clerical jobs in the office. You can also be a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. For those that enjoy travel a job as a drug representative might be the job for you.
For those that are looking for their first job or those that are looking for a new career, the medical field is the perfect place to start your search. There is the perfect medical career for just about everybody. All you have to do is search for it.…

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Women, Fitness, and Finding Time For It

Women, Fitness, and Finding Time For It

After a long and growing bout with obesity in America many women are deciding to take action and get there bodies in shape and not only so that they can look good. With all the new information and methods for losing weight many of these women are doing it more for the health aspect rather than just the body image factor. The problem for some though is finding the time for exercise and healthy eating in a day in age when it is necessary for more and more women to work and often for longer hours than what anyone is used to. There are ways to find time for exercise though and there is always time to plan a healthy diet.

Walking is one of the simplest ways to get or keep the body (and the heart) in good shape, and the great things is that you fit walking in to almost any part of your day. Although it may be a little more difficult for women living in rural areas there are usually still opportunities there. Those women that live in cities or live close to their place of employment can benefit from walking to and from work everyday. After a few weeks you will begin to see the benefits of doing so and feeling them too. Those who are able can even walk to and from the grocery store on days when they only have to pick up a couple items, or to the drug store or anywhere else in a fairly close vicinity. And another thing that is great about walking whenever you get the chance is that its great for the environment as well so thats an added bonus to the many benefits of walking regularly.

having a healthy diet is another great way to get in shape and get healthy and it isn’t as hard as many people think. It doesn’t take much time to grab a bagel or English muffin before leaving the house in the morning rather than grabbing that donut when you get to work and there is a huge difference in fat and calorie intake. Another great way to forgo the donut is to make up a batch of muffins at the beginning of the week and wrap them so that you can grab a muffin right from home before work each morning instead of tempting yourself when you get to work. Giving up those fancy coffee drinks is a wise idea as well. Many women don’t realize how much fat and how many calories are actually in them. And finally another great way to cut back on fat and calories is to bring your on lunch to work each day. If you feel like you don’t really have time each day to prepare your lunches try making a few ahead of time so that you can just grab them later in the week. You can make chicken ahead of time for salads or sandwiches and not have to think about it for a few days.

By following these few simple guidelines almost any woman can be on her way to the weight loss she has always hoped for.…

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Try a Raw Pet Food Diet For Your Cat Or Dog

Try a Raw Pet Food Diet For Your Cat Or Dog

When families acquire pets and bring them into their homes, they are committing to providing them with good love and care. An essential part of that is giving their furry loved one a healthy, nutritious diet. Dried food is a popular choice because it can be purchased in bulk at an economical price. However, there is a new trend these days toward giving domestic animals a healthy diet of raw pet food.

Raw foods are increasingly popular for humans as people are paying a lot more attention to healthy eating these days to help ward off obesity and other widespread health conditions. People want to keep their pets healthier as well and protect them from potential harmful additives and other factors that could contribute to feline or health problems. Uncooked pet food is a new option that is more in keeping with the natural way that animals acquire food in the wild.

Animals who eat food enjoy a diet of raw meat, bones, vegetables as well as special vitamins. For humans, raw meat is unsafe due to the strong possibility of getting salmonella poisoning. Raw food experts propose that this type of diet is appropriate for cats and dogs because it is in keeping with the way wild animals eat. This is the kind of diet a wild animal, such as a lion or tiger, might receive at the zoo.

There are raw food diets that are ready-made for you to use, but they are not cheap. These foods are available at pet stores and may be available in bulk on some pet food websites. The higher costs make the prospects of putting together a homemade raw diet an appealing alternative for some pet owners.

There are many online resources available that go into detail about the ingredients of a raw diet for pets. There are recipes that people can follow to put together a special raw diet for their pet. The advantage of this is the money saved as well as putting together the kind of meats and vegetables that your pet will enjoy eating.

Raw pet food is a newer dietary option that pet owners are choosing to feed their pets. There are commercial versions available in pet books as well as online recipes that give instructions about putting together homemade raw food diets. Either option provides pets with a good, healthy array of nutritious foods that helps them to grow healthy and strong.…